All Features You Need
to Build a Form out-of-box

Ready-Made Templates

1000's of ready-made templates, & growing every day, professionally crafted to fit your purpose. Search, Select & Use.

Intuitive Interface

Simple yet powerful Drag-n-Drop interface, very easy to understand, pleasant to you & your visitors' eyes.

Powerful Form Field

A simple HTML field or a complex matrix table, we bring all nuts-n-bolts with lots of options to build any type of forms.

Smart Conditional Logic

Show only relevant questions to your visitors with powerful conditional blocks.

Spam Protection

Keep Bots & Spammers away with advanced reCAPTCHA protection. No more juggling with spam or automated data.

Reporting & Charts

Don't just collected data. Make intelligent sense out of it with reporting tools, pie charts, & bar graphs. Take data backed decisions.

Automatic Reference Number

Auto-Generate reference number for every submission, with personalisation options like prefix, suffix, start number, min digits & lot more.

Password Protection

Protect forms with password to keep unwanted submission away

Webhook Integrations

Send data to your CRM or CMS or any other system with Webhook


FormNX don't just provides html fields, you get lot more advance widgets to help build advance forms

Advanced Validation Rules

Want to validate users input beyond required field? Well FormNX has it covered with it's advance validation rules like min-max, range, url, digits, number, alphanumeric, letters, phone number & more

Card Forms Layout

Don't want to overwhelm user with all form fields at once? With Card form layout each questions will be in one-page. A one-click option to create multi-step forms.

Dynamic Page-Break

Add page breaks to make your form multi-page

Personalized 'Thank You' Page

Add a touch of personalisation by creating a thank-you page by inserting dynamic tags, with desing as per your brand & need.

Smart Form Scheduling

Time-Limit form form by adding a start-end date to form or minimum number of submissions

Embed/Feedback/Lightbox Code

Take power of unlimited possibilities with various embedd options, as lightbox, feedback button, popup, links, buttons & lot more.

Workspaces (Teams)

Don't just work alone, invite your team, collaborate & work together.

Quiz Mode

Create Quizzes easily. Perfect for Educators, Trainers, or anyone conducting assessments. Offering tools to build informative and engaging quizzes, whether for knowledge tests, pre-quality leads, fun quizzes, or serious assessments.

GDPR Compliant Form

Create Forms that are GDPR Compliant. It empowers EU citizens and residents to access and control their personal data.

Duplicate Check

Enables you to implement validation to prevent duplicate or multiple times form submissions by same person. Leading to inaccurate data and complicate data analysis. With this feature, you can ensure that each form submission is unique and distinct.

Form Languages

Adapting your form's language to your target audience. With support for over 40+ languages, making it a comprehensive solution for multilingual needs.

A Lot more...

FormNX comes with a lot more features out-of-box. We're constantly strive to make it more useful for businesses & entrepreneurs

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