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Honestly, Are you still using this
To Build High Converting Forms?

Writing Code is Painful & Time-Consuming

Creating a form using programming languages requires development expertise, extensive testing, and handling integrations

  • Requires Development Expertise
  • High turnaround time
  • Risk of Human Error

Manual Way Overkills Your Productivity

Stop those manual forms, that’s like a snail in your business growth trajectory

  • Time-consuming
  • Difficult to manage
  • Risk of human error
  • No Automation
  • Limited to updates

Overpriced software with bloated features

Tired of paying exorbitant prices for software that comes loaded with unnecessary features?

  • Bloated Features
  • Confusing & complicated workflow
  • Requires Training

This Is How FormNX Helps You Build Forms

FormNX offers roboust feature set to help you build forms in minutes

Ready-Made Templates

1000's of ready-made templates, & growing every day, professionally crafted to fit your purpose. Search, Select & Use.

Intuitive Interface

Simple yet powerful Drag-n-Drop interface, very easy to understand, pleasant to you & your visitors' eyes.

Powerful Form Field

A simple HTML field or a complex matrix table, we bring all nuts-n-bolts with lots of options to build any type of forms.

Smart Conditional Logic

Show only relevant questions to your visitors with powerful conditional blocks.

Spam Protection

Keep Bots & Spammers away with advanced reCAPTCHA protection. No more juggling with spam or automated data.

Reporting Charts

Don't just collected data. Make intelligent sense out of it with reporting tools, pie charts, & bar graphs. Take data backed decisions.

1000's of Templates for All Use Cases

Business Owner, Marketer, Legal Advisor, HR, Restaurant Owner, or any Other Profession?


No Risk, We Guarantee

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The Form Builder that I Love

Has everything I need to build forms for my client websites. I love the fact that I can create a google sheet per client and all the data can be seen on the google sheet. The developers reply back always and have even implemented a few requests FAST to make the form set up even better. I Highly recommend. Also, hoping for a wordpress plugin, that would be the icing on the cake.

Erica CollinsAgency Owner

Efficiency, Flexibility & Responsive support team

I have been using formnx for the past 2 weeks and have found it easy to build forms quickly and have been able to make modifications efficiently.
A real asset in using this app is the quick response time by the vendor, quite often. within 10 minutes. The vendor has also made changes, within days, to the builder as per my requests.
The option to personalize the thankyou page with the use of the tags is a nice marketing feature, the tags allows me to automatically include the senders name
plus any information entered into the form by the sender.
The conditional logic feature is easy to use, as well as the calculation feature. Being in the accounting/consulting industry I use the conditional logic feature extensively to gather info and documents based on the user's response to questions.
The flexibility of sharing your own customized templates is useful.
One additional feature missing is a menu which would allow the user to jump between pages without have to scroll between numerous pages. Also more control is needed over the submit button. However, overall, I would recommend Formnx to anyone looking for an easy to use form builder with a very responsive support team.

John WAccounting Manager

The FORM APP you've been waiting for! GAME CHANGER!!

We have been having so many issues when it comes to creating forms with jot forms and sturggled getting efficient flow setup with our clientele.
As a charity this is crucial for us to continue and for our programs to have the reach there mean’t too. We need a form application that can take payment, send clear notifications and also the ability to truly brand it as ourselves that people would know who they’re coming too.
Introducing FormNX these guys are exceptional, firstly they listen to feedback and implement all thats needed for your specific requirements, highly responsive and active development is happening. They provide all we need and more and are the crucial partner we need for our charity to have the reach it needs.
Thank you so much for building this app as I said its the perfect fit for our charity, reducing our time needed in input and feedback with our clientele and the ability to embed into your website its been successful for us.
Finally it’s really simple an intuitive app, good and clear design.
I can highly recommended this app for your start-up, small-med size business or non-profit to get all you need.
Get it now!


Great form builder and excellent customer support

FormNX has been a game-changer for my projects, offering advanced features like conditional logic, calculations, and multi-step forms.
The premium option to remove branding and add custom coding allows for a seamless integration into my sites, making it stand out.
Its user-friendly interface simplifies form management, the customization possibilities are vast, especially with the ability to apply custom CSS.
FormNX is RGPD compliant, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, which is critical for my operations in the EU.
The support team is responsive and committed to the platform's continuous improvement, enhancing my overall experience.
I asked for help because I could not have empty dates in my forms, and they resolved the issue in less than 6 hours. Great service!
I highly recommend FormNX for its comprehensive features, customization flexibility, and commitment to data protection standards.

Migue GM

Great Web

The Form Builder offers a great collection of features, including essential functionalities like conditional logic, calculation, multi-step form creation, analytics, Google Sheets integration, captcha, and even Unsplash integration. What sets it apart is the highest tier option, allowing users to remove branding and incorporate custom code—exactly what I was looking for. Additionally, managing workspaces and forms is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly.
While the lack of prebuilt forms may seem like a drawback, the platform more than compensates with its extensive customization options. Personally, I found it easy to write my own CSS and utilize form templates to swiftly create tailored forms to fit my needs.
I must also commend the developer's excellent support and ongoing product development efforts, which I really appreciate it.
In summary, this Form Builder is a fantastic tool and I highly recommend it!


A form builder that does everything you want it to do!

Highly functional and intuitive SaaS; I am able to create the forms I want to create with FormNX exactly the way I want them.
I have been considering a strong commitment to web forms, which may be the first point of contact to make the customer experience a good one. I have tried many form builders.
When creating a web form, FormNX was the best way to achieve all the customizations I could think of for a non-engineer with the least amount of effort.
We had some frustrations that we felt with other form builders (e.g., text forms are too long horizontally to adjust, or conditional branches are too simple, etc.),
respondents have to create an account in order to upload files, or that the configuration is too complicated to be called a no-code tool).
If you never want to be bothered again by SaaS limitations regarding forms, I really recommend FormNX.


Easy to use and very capable

After creating several forms in FormNX completely from scratch I fully agree with other reviews that this is the top tier form builder. It is very easy to use, and the interface is well laid and making sense, so despite lots of functionality available you won’t get overwhelmed, and creating simple functional form is just few clicks. But at the same time, all the advanced abilities seems to be included, so if you want fully customizable e-mails and thank you pages utilizing filled-in info, dynamic forms reacting to what the user fills in, self grading quizzes that show the user on the result page different info based on the score, self-prefilling fields by parameters from URL, etc., definitely give it a try. Also one important plus - when you delete submission with attached files, FormNX actually deletes these files (it may take several minutes, but it does) - in many other form builders this is not the case, so although you delete the submission, the files stay publicly available via the link forever.

Fabrizio NanninPhotographer

Have the ability to become the Best

- Very Good Software & Great Support Team. Support the Software, They are quick on Feature Plannings. I am rooting they become better than the likes of Cognito.

Garry ThindTop Real Estate Manager

Lots of features

Functions that are particularly useful: Multi-Step Forms, progress bar, personalized 'Thank You ' Page, smart form scheduling, duplicate check, reporting & charts...
Very fast help!

Gyarmati Attila

Easy and effective

Super easy to use, intuitive administration, can be embedded in own website easy and I could create my form very fast. I like it.



I have used many form management systems in the past and FormNX is loaded with features and is simple to use. The roadmap for new features looks active with many great things on the way!


Dr. Sisira K Amarasinghe

A wonderful product! It works as expected. Customer support is efficient and friendly. I highly recommend this innovative product!

Sisira K AmarasingheDoctor / Medical Rep.

Excellent Form Builder

While testing formNX with the free plan, I thought it had a really elegant design. Like other forms, it offers many features, has a good design from a user experience perspective, and is excellent in terms of functionality like webhooks. What I like the most is the trust I feel due to the very proactive response to consultations.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is FormNX?

    FormNX is a powerful and user-friendly drag-n-drop form builder web app. It allows you to create and host wide variety of forms. From simple contact form, survey form, a registration form, or even a complex order form, with FormNX you can build & customized forms without any coding knowledge required.

  • How does FormNX work?

    FormNX simplifies the form-building process by providing an intuitive drag-n-drop interface. You start by selecting a template, adding desired form fields from a wide range of options, such as text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown menus, and more. Once you have added the fields, you can easily rearrange them using the drag-n-drop functionality.

    Further, you can customize the look-n-feel, appearance and behavior of your form. Additionally, you can set up form validation rules, specify required fields, min-max validations or any other validations and add conditional logic to make your forms more interactive and user-friendly.

  • Is FormNX suitable for non-technical users?

    Yes, Absolutely! FormNX is designed for non-technical users. You don't need any coding skills to create professional-looking forms. The drag-n-drop interface make it easy to build forms without the need for any programming. You can also checkout out helpful documentation and tutorials to guide you through the process. If you encounter any difficulties our support team is readily available to assist you.

  • Can I embedd FormNX Forms on My Website?

    Yes, FormNX offers a lot of different options to embedd forms you created in your website. Just go to Publish tab, copy the code & use it. You can either embedd forms as iframe, link, feedback form or a popup.

  • How can i remove FormNX branding from forms?

    Yes, you can remove FormNX branding from forms by purchasing a premium package. Premium packages also offers additions benefits like increasing submissions limits, custom css/js, more workspaces & lot more. For price checkout the pricing page

  • Does FormNX support multi-page forms?

    Yes, FormNX provides various option for multiple page forms, like one question per page or multiple question per page. This feature is particularly useful for longer forms or forms that require a step-by-step approach. You can divide your form into multiple pages, with each page containing a different set of fields. This not only improves the user experience by breaking down the form into manageable sections but also allows you to gather information progressively & doesnt overwhelms the user with a lot of fields.

  • Can I export form submissions for further analysis?

    Yes, FormNX allows you to export form submissions in various formats. You can export the data as CSV (Comma Separated Values) or Excel files, or PDF, making it easy to pick a relevant format, & import the data into other applications to perform data analysis tasks or keep data in sync.

  • Can I use FormNX with my team?

    Coming soon, we're working on new workspace feature, with that you can create different workspaces, invite your team members & collaborate with them. This will also offer different permissions level for sharing of data & allowing form changes.