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🧩 Google Sheet Integration with Form

What is Google Sheet Integration with Forms?

The "Google Sheet Integration" feature in FormNX allows you to seamlessly link your forms with Google Sheets.

When users submit a form, the submission data is automatically sent to a Google Sheet in real-time.

This integration enables you to harness the extensive capabilities of Google Sheets for viewing, analyzing, processing, and sharing form data, all without requiring any development expertise.

Connecting Forms to Google Sheet

To connect Forms to Google Sheet in FormNX, follow these steps:

  1. Access Integrations: Open the form you want to integrate google sheet for, click on Integrations tab.

  2. Connect Google Sheet: Go to "Google Sheet" block & click on "Connect" button.

  3. Configure Google sheet:

    • Connect Google Account: You'll be promoted to login into google. click & allow the access. This will give permission to create sheet & to update sheet data
    • Sheet Name: Default sheet name will be same as form name, you can change it from google sheet.
    • Provide Connection Name: By default, the connection name will be set to the form's name. However, you can customize the connection name to something more meaningful if desired.
    • Google Sheet Link: You can access the sheet by directly clicking on the link in the connection interface.
  4. Save Your Settings: Save the form configuration.

Once configured, whenever a form is submitted, FormNX will automatically add the form submission data as into the google sheet.


Can I connect a form to multiple Google Sheet?

Yes, you can connect a form to multiple Google Sheet.

Can I connect multiple forms to the same Google Sheet?

No, doing this will make your data meaningless.

How can I access the Google Sheet once it's connected?

You can access the connected Google Sheet by going to your Google sheet list & searching with the name for the sheet. Also there is a direct link in FormNX which you can click to open the sheet.

Can I edit the connected Google Sheet manually?

Yes, you can manually edit the connected Google Sheet as needed. However, be cautious when modifying column headers or data, as it may affect the synchronization with FormNX.

Can I disconnect a Google Sheet from a form?

Yes, you can disconnect a Google Sheet from a form by going to the form settings and finding the option to disconnect or remove the Google Sheet connection.