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🧩 Stripe Integration with Form

Connect Stripe with Form

The "Stripe Integration" feature in FormNX helps you to accept online payments, donations, or orders directly through your forms.

Whether you're selling products, collecting donations, or offering subscription services, this integration simplifies the payment process.

You can even calculate payment amounts dynamically based on user inputs or specific calculations using the calculation field.

📺 Video on how to use Stripe Integration in Forms

Stripe Integration in Forms

Connecting Stripe to a Form

To connect a form in FormNX to Stripe, follow these steps:

  1. Access Integrations: Open the form you want to integrate stripe for, click on Integrations tab.

  2. Connect stripe: Go to "stripe" block & click on "Connect" button.

  3. Sign in to Stripe: You will be prompted to sign in to your Stripe account. If you don't have a Stripe account, you can create one during this process.

Configuring Stripe Details

After connecting Stripe to your form, you'll need to configure the following details:

  1. Price Field: This is the form field whose value will determine the amount paid by the customer. You can set this field to calculate the price based on user selections or specific calculations using some formula inside a calculation field.

  2. Currency: Specify the local currency in which you want to accept payments. Customers will be charged in this currency.

  3. Product Name: Enter the product name or description, which will be displayed on the Stripe checkout page.

  4. Product Description: (optional) Provide a brief description of the product or service being offered. This description will also appear on the Stripe checkout page.

  5. Customer Email: (optional) Choose the form field that contains the customer's email address. If this field is selected, the email will be prefilled on the checkout page. If not, the customer will need to enter their email.

Understanding Stripe Processing Fees

Depending on your subscription plan with FormNX, the platform may charge Stripe processing fees as a percentage of the transaction amount.

These fees are additional to the standard Stripe fees but are included in the final payment made by the customer. Be sure to review your subscription plan for more details on these processing fees.


Can I connect multiple forms to the same Stripe account?

Yes, you can connect multiple forms to the same Stripe account. This allows you to manage payments from various forms in one Stripe account.

Can I calculate payment amounts dynamically based on user inputs?

Absolutely! You can set up a price field that calculates the payment amount in real-time based on user selections or specific calculations. This is useful for dynamic pricing, such as product options or custom orders.

How do I access payment transaction details?

You can access payment transaction details, including customer information and payment history, in your list submissions and also in Stripe dashboard.

Also, Stripe provides comprehensive tools for managing payments and generating reports.

What if my customer's preferred currency is not supported?

Stripe supports a wide range of currencies. If your customer's preferred currency is not supported, Stripe will automatically convert the payment to your specified local currency, with currency conversion fees applied as necessary.